Exceptional Service

The very bottom pin of my bar fridge door had rusted over time. I made contact with Ian from Cool Parts to find out what solution was available and whether I could order the small part. Ian contacted his supplier and let me know that he’d sourced the items (bracket and pin) and had been told that they were on the way. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, the items went missing between NZ and Aus. Ian was not deterred and contacted the company again. Funnily enough this time the company advised Ian that they no longer provided just the door pin and bracket but a complete door would have to be purchased. Ian didn’t think this was the best option for me as there was nothing wrong with my door and took it upon himself to custom make a pin that would fit my existing door to solve the issue. It worked. Ian’s follow through was amazing. I knew every step of the way what was happening and where we were in the process. His customer service far exceeded all expectations and is the best that I have received from any company in a very long time. Even though the part was small he persisted to achieve a terrific outcome for his customer. I’m so impressed and highly recommend Ian and the services his company offers to others.

Craig Owens